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GG-EDT - Current Pricing

At GG-EDT we believe in being flexible, rewarding your business and being fair. To this end, our pricing policy for routine treatment is "more is less" - the more horses that can be seen at one location, the cheaper the cost per horse for everyone.

If you aren't sure if a horse needs seeing to or not, but another horse is already booked in, ask for it to be checked for a small fixed charge; remember we will tell you if no work needs doing - we NEVER perform unnecessary work!

See below for a description of what is included in each category of treatment, and to see if you can claim a discount too!

Prices as of Sep 2021 : 
Oral/Dental check ONLY** : £25 per horse
Routine Treatment (maximum cost per horse): 1-2 horses: £48   3-6 horses: £46   6+ horses: £43
Extended treatment: From £60

Payment terms: Payment to be made at the time of treatment and can be paid by cash, or by all major debit and credit cards (including American Express) via a secure card payment terminal. Known and repeat clients may make occasional payment by BACS, Paypal or similar as long as agreed before treatment starts.

**The Oral/Dental check charge does NOT apply to any animals who are receiving treatment. The charge is ONLY for horses having a check and nothing else.

The routine treatment charge is a MAXIMUM cost - the actual cost will reflect how much work was required to correct the mouth. For instance if the teeth needed filing, but only a small amount, you would pay a reduced routine treatment charge. GG-EDT believes in fair charging for fair work, alongside treating each case and each horse as an individual.

Routine treatment includes: filing of sharp points/ridges, removal of deciduous teeth (caps) and ready wolf teeth, scaling, removal of packed feed etc. Note: The work included under routine treatment covers the vast majority of dental work

Extended treatment includes: correction of excessively long crowns and large extensions, extensive filing of hard teeth, arranging and working with vets for sedation etc etc

Discounts: 10% discount on all treatments for NHS and emergency services staff upon provision of proof of employment!

Special fixed rate available for Riding for the Disabled horses and ponies!

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