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GG-EDT - Current Pricing

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As of 1st Jan 2013, I no longer accept payment by cheque. Instead, I now offer payment by all major debit and credit cards in addition to cash payments. Card transactions attract a small fee for processing. Please ask for details!

At GG-EDT we believe in being flexible, rewarding your business and being fair. To this end, our pricing policy for routine treatment is "more is less" - the more horses that can be seen at one location, the cheaper the cost per horse for everyone.

If you aren't sure if a horse needs seeing to or not, but another horse is already booked in, ask for it to be checked for a small fixed charge; remember we will tell you if no work needs doing - we NEVER perform unnecessary work!

See below for a description of what is included in each category of treatment, and to see if you can claim a discount too!

Oral/Dental check ONLY** : £20 per horse
Routine Treatment (maximum cost per horse): 1-2 horses: £43   3-6 horses: £40   6+ horses: £35
Extended treatment: From £50
Major work: £70/hour
Removal of 1 or 2 wolf teeth (per horse): £20

**The Oral/Dental check charge does NOT apply to any animals who are receiving treatment. The charge is ONLY for horses having a check and nothing else.

The routine treatment charge is a MAXIMUM cost - the actual cost will reflect how much work was required to correct the mouth. For instance if the teeth needed filing, but only a small amount, you would pay a reduced routine treatment charge. GG-EDT believes in fair charging for fair work, alongside treating each case and each horse as an individual.

Please note:The charge for removing wolf teeth ONLY applies if you book your horse in specifically to have wolf teeth removed, and nothing else. Removal of ready wolf teeth is included in the price of routine treatment for all patients.

Routine treatment includes: filing of sharp points/ridges, removal of deciduous teeth (caps) and ready wolf teeth, scaling, removal of packed feed etc.

Extended treatment includes: correction of excessively long crowns and large extensions, extensive filing of hard teeth etc

Major work includes: correcting bite disorders requiring extensive filing such as overbite, wave mouth etc, extensive cleaning/disinfecting of molar interdental spaces (diastema), removal of permanent molars and post treatment care, and any work lasting more than 40 minutes (you will be forewarned if this is expected).

Discounts: 10% discount on all treatments for NHS and emergency services staff upon provision of proof of employment!

Special fixed rate available for Riding for the Disabled horses and ponies!

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